September 26 & 27, 2014 ∙ Kalamazoo, Michigan
The Kalamazoo Improv Festival is back, and is bigger and better than ever!  The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will play host to the sixth year of the funniest annual festival of the summer.  Festival goers can enjoy Alamo’s full dinner menu and bar (including a 32 tap beer selection) all delivered right to your seat while you enjoy top-notch improv from some of the most talented groups in the Midwest.   

Teams from Chicago, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Kalamazoo will leave you in stitches by performing scenes made up completely on the spot using suggestions from the audience.  And, because it’s at Alamo, comedic video shorts will be played between shows to entertain you as you settle in.  Be sure to get there early.

The festival activities start at 6pm, Friday, September 26 with a Happy Hour show, followed by shows at 8pm, 10:30pm, and then a midnight improv jam. The fun continues Saturday, September 27 with improv workshops at 1pm and 4pm, where you can learn valuable improv skills from some of the finest teachers in the business. Saturday night will feature shows at 8pm and 10:30pm. Video sketches played between shows to ensure the fun never stops.  

In Summary:


Friday, September 26, 6pm, 8pm, & 10:30pm, with a midnight jam (everyone is welcome to either watch or play)

Saturday, September 27, 8pm and 10:30pm;

Tickets are $10 general admission for each show, or get a $25 fest pass and see as many shows as you want.

Workshops are Saturday, September 27 at 1pm & 4pm. Admission is $15 per workshop.

All shows and workshops will be at the Alamo Drafthouse. Alcoholic beverage and food will be available right at your seat during shows or at the lobby bar between shows. More information at To reserve tickets, for workshop sign-up, contact us at


Friday, May 10, 6pm (Happy Hour Shortform Show)

Worklight Improv (Kalamazoo) - WMU's gang of state funded improv performers

Monkapult (Kalamazoo) - Kalamazoo College’s legendary troupe

Crawlspace Eviction (Kalamazoo) - aged and weathered with the funny to show for it    

Friday 8:00 PM    

Stranger (Chicago) - Yes, we prefer them that way

Crawlspace Eviction (Kalamazoo) - aged and weathered with the funny to show for it

Piebenga Plumbing (Chicago) - two brothers with properly sweated fittings

Friday 10:30 PM    

Battlemasters (Chicago) - a ground shaking duo that takes no prisoners

LowRes.jpg (Detroit) - as funny as they are pixelated

Deep Schwa (Chicago) - veteran Chicago improvisers with an emphasis on hilarity

Saturday 8pm

Javelin (Detroit) - Detroit improv that goes the distance

Devil's Daughter (Chicago) - so funny, you’d swear it was evil

Lethal Action Force (Chicago) (watch their trailer) - an improvised action “movie”, exploding with laughs

Saturday 10:30pm

Taco Tuesday (Chicago) - spicy lady laughs

Law Dog (Chicago) - funny, and house broken

Man Love (Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids)- best friends sharing a strange and hilarious history

Saturday, 1pm

Timmy Mayse (Deep Schwa, Chicago)
The Heart Of The Scene - This workshop is geared toward helping you find what the scene is about in roughly the first three lines of dialogue. Focusing on reading not only your scene partners' line of dialogue, but how they said it. Attacking not only the scene, but the emotion that surrounds it. Finding the layers in a scene that are not only lines of dialogue but body posture, emotion and the true weight of the scene. We can find this together.

James Quesada & Gary Lehman (Javelin & Go Comedy, Detroit)
Get Physical Quicker - This workshop will focus on leading scenes with physical choices. The class will explore movement, realistic and abstract pantomime, physical game play, and intuitive character development.

Saturday, 4pm
Joe Anderson (Man Love, Grand Rapids)
Under Pressure and Over Thinking - Overcoming the pressure we place on ourselves to say something quickly or humorously in a scene so that we can focus, instead, on responding naturally and honestly.

James Quesada, and Bob Wieck & Gary Lehman (Javelin & Go Comedy, Detroit)
Go Bold - This workshops will focus on going with your instinct and making bold choices (transformations) all the time. Whether it's from the backline, the sideline, or within a scene, we'll work on "just going for it." You'll be amazed at where you'll end up!